FruitGateway - The James Hutton Institute's Soft Fruit Group personnel

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Personnel working on soft fruit at The James Hutton Institute

Rex Brennan Ribes breeder and Head of soft fruit work
Lesley Beaton MRS contact for all commercial matters
Nick Birch Entomologist
Dave Cooke Mycologist
Alison Dolan Pathologist
Lynne Ferguson Rubus breeding
Sandra Gordon Ribes breeding
Stuart Gordon Entomologist
Julie Graham Rubus genomics and contact for Rubus genomics
Mary Woodhead Rubus genomics
Nikki Jennings Rubus breeding
Linzi Jorgensen Ribes genomics
Stuart MacFarlane Virologist
Gordon McDougall Chemist
Wendy McGavin Virologist
Yvonne Pitkin Mycologist
Joanne Russell Ribes genomics
Kay Smith Rubus genomics
Derek Stewart Chemist
Irene Tierney Rubus genomics