The region of the RNA 2 coding for the putative helper/movement protein and the coat protein (CP) of each of six isolates of Raspberry ringspot virus was sequenced and these sequences were compared with the published sequence of the Scottish type isolate. Minimal differences were detected among the putative translations of the helper/movement proteins, however, multiple alignment and phylogenetic analysis of the putative CPs separated the English and Scottish serotypes into two distinct clades. Superimposing the amino acid sequences of the CPs of these two serotypes on the 3D model for the CP of a comovirus/nepovirus, showed that eight of the differences identified between the two serotypes occurred on the surface of the protein. Inspection of the recently reported structure of the capsid protein of Tobacco ringspot virus, the type member of the genus Nepovirus, indicated identical locations for these differences. The change of H (Scottish isolates) to R (English isolates) at position 219 in the amino acid sequences of the viruses occurred on an exposed, erect surface loop. The potential role of this change, and other unique differences between the amino acid sequences of the two serotypes, in the specificity of nematode transmission of the virus is discussed.