The provision of disease-free nuclear stock of soft fruit germplasm is a crucial element in successful commercial production and is, therefore, a statutory requirement of our work. SCRI is the sole UK establishment with the expertise and facilities to produce pathogen tested (PT) foundation stocks of Rubus, Ribes and to a lesser extent Fragaria, and we are an international centre for the supply of such PT germplasm for scientific and commercial use worldwide. Our pathogen detection protocols use the most advanced tests available, many of which were devised at SCRI, to screen for a variety of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases and nematode pests. Many pathogens are screened by using multipurpose biological assays. Such assays have the advantage of high sensitivity, they are economic because one assay is capable of detecting a number of pathogens and they are robust and reliable. In addition to biological assays we use enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests where these are more appropriate. We are working to develop additional molecular and serological tests for pathogens where biological tests currently take a long time to obtain a result. New molecular or serological tests are only incorporated into the scheme once they have been validated; as well as found to be as reliable and sensitive as the existing method. Users of our high health PT scheme and pathogen testing service can view details of the services available, submit details of samples and view test results on line through our www.FruitHealth.co.uk web site.