In the United Kingdom, the vegetative canes of Rubus fruits are affected by 2 distinct fungus diseases named 'cane blight' and 'midge blight', both caused by fungal infection of wounds. Bud failure, wilt of lateral shoots and death of fruiting canes in the year after infection of young canes are symptoms common to them both, but the method of wounding is different. Cane blight is generally associated with mechanical wounds, while midge blight affects the feeding sites of Resseliella theobaldi. Different control measures are required. In this leaflet, the authors deal with the symptoms, injuriousness, and cultural and chemical control of cane blight, and the varietal susceptiblity, morphology, life cycle, injuriousness, natural enemies and cultural and chemical control of R. theobaldi (and midge blight). In addition, the technical details of the 2 types of fungal attack are given.