A review and discussion with tabulated data on transmission, vector species, and some properties of viruses commonly found infecting red raspberries in the UK; the susceptibility of 10 raspberry cvs to 4 nematode-borne viruses, namely, RRV (raspberry ringspot virus), TBRV (tomato black ring virus), AMV (arabis mosaic virus) and SLRV (strawberry latent ringspot virus) found in the UK; the reaction of 11 cvs to 4 aphid-borne viruses, namely, BRNV (black raspberry necrosis virus), RLMV (raspberry leaf mottle virus), RLSV (raspberry leaf spot virus) and RVCV (raspberry vein chlorosis virus) and to a Scottish isolate of RBDV (raspberry bushy dwarf virus); and the incidence of aphid-borne virus infection during the period 1971-1978 in 3 cvs differing in resistance to Amphorophora idaei. Control of nematode-borne viruses by breeding immune or tolerant cvs and, more recently, by application of nematicides, and control of aphid-borne viruses by breeding for resistance to A. idaei are briefly described.