Dichlofluanid controlled cane spot of Malling Jewel raspberries when applied before harvest and in a 4-spray programme, but carbendazim, vinclozolin and iprodione were ineffective. Lesions predominated in the fruit-bearing region of canes in a zone 46-120 cm above soil level. Bait plants exposed for periods of 2 weeks in 2 infected plantations in NE Scotland developed lesions, after incubation for 4-6 weeks, only on internodes which were the youngest at the time of exposure. Infection occurred in all periods from mid-Apr. to late Jul. The infection of bait plants was related to the distribution of lesions on canes in the spray trial. An isolate of E. veneta obtained from a plantation sprayed with carbendazim and vinclozolin was tolerant when tested in vitro to carbendazim, benomyl and thiophanate-methyl. This isolate and another MBC-sensitive str. were relatively insensitive to the dicarboximide fungicides iprodione and vinclozolin.