Using an improved method for extraction of dsRNA from strawberry leaf tissue, small quantities of several dsRNA species with MW >1.0 x 106 were detected in strawberry plants free from known strawberry viruses but affected by June yellows (JY). No such dsRNA species were detected in plants of Fragaria vesca or 7 strawberry cultivars known to be free from JY. Neither JY symptoms nor these dsRNA species were detected in healthy strawberry and F. vesca plants graft-inoculated with tissue from JY-affected plants. It is not known whether the JY-associated dsRNA species are those of a causal agent of JY or are a consequence of the JY condition. Nevertheless, the detection of such dsRNA species in plants affected by JY may offer a possible objective method for detecting the incipient condition in symptomless strawberry plants. However, the concn of dsRNA in JY-affected plants are very low and dsRNA analysis is thought not to be sufficiently reliable for routine testing of plants. The occurrence of anomalous dsRNA species in extracts from some strawberry plants was caused by dsRNA from 2-spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) infesting the plants.