In plots sprayed in 1975 with thiophanate-methyl against cane blight (Leptosphaeria coniothyrium) a 45% increase in potential yield occurred in 1976, but when the experiment was repeated in 1976 none occurred in 1977. Data presented include those on the effect of time of dinoseb application on incidence of midge blight (a complex involving fungi and Resseliella theobaldi) on fruiting canes in 1976; effect of severity of midge blight lesions on potential yield of 2 cvs.; time of dinoseb applications on severity of midge blight and cane blight; distribution of spur blight (Didymella applanata) and Botrytis cinerea lesions on canes sprayed twice pre- and twice postharvest with fungicides; and emergence of laterals at infected nodes on the cropping region of the canes.