The fungicides glycophene, neutral Bordeaux mixture + cufraneb, pyroxychlor, triadimefon, DPX 3217 (2-cyano-N-(ethylaminocarbonyl)-2-(methoxyimino) acetamide), LS 73 1038 (sodium ethyl phosphite), and cycloheximide were compared with fenaminosulf for activity against Phytophthora fragariae in pot experiments. Symptoms of red core were not detected in strawberry plants dipped in LS 73 1038 before planting and subsequently inoculated with mycelial discs and zoospore suspensions of the fungus. The amount of disease was decreased when this fungicide was applied as a soil drench before or after inoculation or as a foliar spray before inoculation. No symptoms were detected in plants growing in compost which had been drenched with cycloheximide. The other fungicides did not decrease red core.