The acidic ether extract of leaves collected in October from dormant strawberry plants outdoors at Invergowrie inhibited coleoptile growth in germinating wheat embryos. On paper chromatograms developed either with isopropanol:ammonium hydroxide:water (10:1:1) or isopropanol:1% ammonium hydroxide (4:1) the zones possessing inhibitory activity had Rfs 0.6-0.7 and 0.6-1 respectively. Fractions possessing comparable activity were eluted from granular animal charcoal columns by 10% and 20% acetone in water, and, on further purification, eluted only by 10% ethyl acetate in chloroform from columns of celite-silicic acid (2:1). The inhibitor in this fraction was identified as (+)-abscisic acid (abscisin 11. dormin) by spectropolarimetry.