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FruitGateway site news

New versions of all the FruitGateway sites were released in July/August 2007.  Several new features appear in the FruitDisease site including a database of information on soft fruit viruses and more details of our research into pests and pathogens (virus and fungal). 

Revised and improved versions of all the Fruitgateway sites were made public on 20th November 2006. Fruitgateway now contains a database of all the publications on soft fruit from The James Hutton Institute (incorporating the Legacy Scottish Crops Research Institute) from its foundation in 1952 to date. The database contains well over 1000 publications and most have a viewable abstract. This is a major extension to the resources available on FruitGateway and should be valuable to those wishing to view the published output from The James Hutton Institute on fruit.

Two new sections of Fruitgateway were launched on 9th March 2006. The first gives up-to-date items of news on the activities of members of staff in the Soft Fruit Group Fruit Group News. The second is a new section of Publications PDF files of conference posters and Annual Report articles which provides on Soft Fruit topics. In time this section will also provide a searchable database of all the written publications produced at the Institute over the last 40 years on Soft Fruit research. Email alerts will be sent when these new pages are live.

The following Press Release went out on 4th November 2005.


A revised version of FruitHealth released on 3rd November 2005 to coincide with the launch of FruitGateway and restyled to fit with the new theme.


FruitGateway portal and associated sites (including the new FruitBreeding, FruitDiease and FruitNutrition sites) launched on 3rd November 2005 at 'Scottish Society for Crop Research' Meeting at SCRI.

FruitHealth web site launched October 2004